Monday, April 2, 2012

(LATE) Versace for H&M cruise collection

You can now sinds the 19th of January admire and purchase the new spring collection of Versace for H&M exclusively only on internet. Personally I didn't already admire the first collection and neither do I the second. Although I do like the spring collection more I won't say it's my piece of cake. The thing that pops out is again the mighty colour use even though the two collection are completely the opposite. Even though I'm not a great fan I do like the models of the jackets, shirts, pants etc.
                     Klik "read more" to see photo's of part of the spring collection that I liked. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Music trend: Whisteling

    This post is just for fun and something that I noticed while listening to new music a while ago. The amount of whistling in the new music is incredible! Well actually it just so happens that I noticed it and after I heard radio people talk a second about it. For now I noticed it in "It girl" by Jason Derulo, "Lazy song" by Bruno mars, "Moves like Jagger" by Maroon 5,  I like how it feels by Enrique Iglesias and then you have a bit older songs like "home" that get used in new commercials like in Ikea.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the Isabel marant sneaker

So there is this new sneaker in town (well, it's out there a while now..) designed by Isabel Marant. I noticed the shoe after I spotted Alicia keys with them and after I listened to the amazing new song of Beyonce (Love on top). You will notice that music is a big advertising opportunity for fashion brands. The shoe is momently not really popular but you can see that it is already rising under the celebs and in music clips such as Love on top by Beyonce. I believe they are pretty hard to get and the price isn't easy to handle either so if you like them click on "read more" and see the much cheaper look-a-like version and pictures of beyonce, Alicia keys and Doutzen kroes rocking the sneaker.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spring collection H&M and sunglasses

I took a peek at the preview of the H&M spring collection. I really loved it! I spotted some a few pair of loafers and lots of lace (kant) wich I love. The reason why I am posting this is actually because I stumbled across some sunglasses out on the web that were marked as part of the spring collection and wich I am certainly going to purchase when they come out. Because of the sunglasses I saw the rest of the collection and right then already put some spending money aside! The spring collection is full of colour and lots of different style's (what we are used to now, right?)
                                                  Click "read more" to see the collection

Monday, January 30, 2012

"Nothing is free in life"

    With this post I would just like to prove the saying "nothing is free in life" wrong. And no, I'm not going to talk about love, sleep, family, the sun and great memories being free "for the most part". I'm going to talk "materialistic" (about 'stuff' you get for free in life). For people that "lots of money" is a far away word you can always begin searching threw sales and thrift shops and suchlike to spend at least less money. I've noticed that it only takes a creative soul to reach that goal! You don't need loads of money looking great. But in the end it may be cheap but it aint free, and I am writing this post to prove the saying "Nothing is for free in life" wrong. Firstly, you cannot forget all the things you get from people for your birthday, graduation, or just out of kindness. From who you get it and what for occasion it may be in the end it's free.  But all in all you won't get a whole closet full of clothes, make-up, shoes and accessories as a little gift.. So this is the part where you really gotta sit tight and listen up! This is the good part. When you are really in need of a new look you gotsta be REAL creative. For example last summer I went to an event where people had organized a free clothing market. The idea was to bring in some clothes you would like to give away and then take some clothes back in return! So I brought loads of clothes I didn't even know existed anymore and took 3 shopping bags full with colberts , pants, shirt and shoes (Not only for myself). All for free! To find these sorts of events you have to keep your eyes and ears open and most important: google. Search the internet for these sorts of events, they get held everywhere! Secondly If you are already interested in fashion go and visit fashion events. The most fashion events will offer free supplies because they want to promote there business. A while ago for example I posted about a fashion event I went to and got a goodie bag with items and I was aloud to pick out a pair of heels FOR FREE. Finally a lot of magazines offer free stuff by a membership of the magazine. In the end you should only subscribe (member of the magazine) if your interested in the magazine because you do pay money for the membership and the Item you get with the magazine is only nice to get with the magazine. Another example I have of a free item I got threw a magazine. I decorated a photo-album chose out pictures for it and let it get send to my house: FOR FREE. Now I have a cute photo album with a hard cover with all pictures of me in it!
     Klik "read more" and you will get a whole bunch of pictures of stuff I got myself for free. But in the end remember that without love, sleep, family the sun, great memories and more you won't get any happier with supplies. Invest in your true happiness. For me that is friends and family and certainly not "stuff" although I do really enjoy the company of a new shoe of example. But you just gotsta always be happy with what you do have and remember that there will always be someone that has it more difficult than you do.

This was just a post to show you and remind myself that there are lots things in life material wise for free. But I must say It was rather a long story, but bare with me ! click read more to check out some pictures of  some clothes that I got from the free clothes market :) Just trying to be creative and not      only buy stuff that everyone already has 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In the making: A skirt with a drag

For a school assignment we all had to make a skirt and take sewing patterns out of a pattern book. I don't think a lot of people know what that means.
Well, out of a pattern book (a magazine that has pictures of clothes and patterns of how to make those clothes) you can trace over a pattern on to a delicate piece of see-threw paper and cut it out. Then you needle it to a piece of cloth that you've cut out to approximately the same size as your pattern. This is briefly on how you use a pattern book and how you can eventually make a skirt, colbert, a pair of pants, jackets, shirts and more.
So this is what I sort of did at school to start making the skirt. It wasn't really a spectacular skirt so I decided  to put a see-threw black cloth over it. Click "read more" to see the result of the actual skirt.

Monday, January 23, 2012

New in: cheap beauty's

The sale has again come to every shop I like. And there I made "only a few" purchases. tihihi.. I get so happy when I find loads of over cheap clothing or shoes that I would buy anyway if it were in the sale or not. It gets me so happy that I didn't even take off the price cards after, now a week or something! It's just to remind myself that I have to be creative looking threw a sale or perhaps a secondhand shop.