Monday, July 11, 2011

I would like you to say "hi" to my new friends..

    A few days ago I finally got them! My Red wins. After month's of thinking about them as if I were in love I finally have them safe with me. The reason why I had this "behavior" towards these guys was because I wanted another item in my wardrobe that had "unique" written al over it.  
    Not a lot of people have Red wings here in Holland. That is not weird by the way.. Red wings are not cheep at all. But I guess being unique in a city like Groningen is expensive. Most people here have at least one item on them that they firstly got at the H&M and secondly this same item is getting worn by the rest of the city Groningen. I sometimes get the idea that people here think fashion is about wearing something that everybody else wears. If the item here is ok-priced and it has a cool brand (for example; the adidas sweaters) it doesnt take one day or the whole flipping city has one. Ofcourse I disagree with this habbit and therefore I bought these baby's. They are hot but NO ONE has them. yay! fuck the price please!
    What also makes these shoes unique compared with billions of other shoes is the fact that they are not made by 4-year olds in China. yay again.

Take a good looky at the pictures and please do comment! :)


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Anonymous said...

Hey, nice shoes. Asspecialy because it's a shoe nobody else has and it isn't chinees work. So let's not think about the price but enjoy the shoes!