Tuesday, July 12, 2011

music post : Beenie man with Dancehall queen..

Imagine you are standing in a club and you are dancing to the good music there. Suddenly a real good song comes up and you actually loose your mind and body to it. When you come home you try to trace the song but you can't find it ANYWHERE. Well that is exactly what I went threw the past 6 months trying to find it. Let me tell you I did not enjoy this time. Everytime I heard the song again somewhere I asked everyone "what's the name of this song?" only nobody knew it. But today was the big day! At about 6 o'clock in the afternoon I put on my radio and the song came on. My jaw dropped open of joy.. I found it worthwhile posting this because A. it is a good song and B. this day turned out better because of my finally founded song! It's worth posting
Any songs you had the same with? comment them! thanks

Here it is (drumroll) enjoy! :

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