Wednesday, October 26, 2011

celeb: lumberjack jacket

I found this picture of Nicky Hilton wearing a Lumberjack jacket. (see the website I posted under) A lumberjack-like look is always appreciated in this fashion world. But before reading this article about Nicky I never really saw someone (well not a lot of people) wear a lumberjack jacket even though the look is great. I guess they don't get sold a lot? But while looking for items in a thrift shop a few weeks ago, I found the Lumberjack jacket that I wanted to get myself for the winter! For a low price I got the jacket that I didn't even expect to find at all and for such a low price! I will post foto's later but here you have the picture of Nicky Hilton. What's you'r opinion on the jacket?


lola said...

hey ! I like you !!! I follow you via bloglovin !!!, have a good weekend,hope to hear from you sometimes ;-)*

lola said...

Hope everything is ok now on bloglovin;-)please let me know if not ok ?xx