Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My wishlist at the moment:

                                                             Moon boots 79.95 Euro

        Firstly I finally found the boots that I was looking for! For the winter I was thinking of some shoes that were and fashionable and something that will keep my feet warm. Snow boots! after a search on internet I found them! With a price of 80 Euro's. I only don't know which colour I should choose black or white? Take a look at more of my items below...


I would really like everyone that reads this post to tell me what they think of the moonboots and wich colour I should take! Thank-you! 
P.S. I really need to know what you fashionista's think.

                                Mango Combi fabric suit jacket with fake leather
                                                                     79.95 Euro

                                                       Zara Skirt with uneven Hemline
                                                                             27.95 Euro

                                                           Mango city bag with fur on the sides
                                                                                69.95 Euro

                                                    Leather cut work glove 25.95 EU


Anonymous said...

hee AB,

how word nou dan??
leuke schoenen hoor nu maar hopen dat je niet opgelicht word


Renuka Malik said...

I think black looks better! x

Anonymous said...

zwart! (:
liefs, jacqueline

a dreamer... said...

i choose black. and white shoes get dirty easily. nice post! kiss:*

Anonymous said...

hey doe maar zwart die zijn het mooisdte x