Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Outfitpost #4 tough like pac

     I found this picture of one of the most inspirating fashion icon I know, Agyness Deyn. In the picture you can see how simple she may be dressed but how stunning she looks. My outfitpost is similar to the picture of Agyness. Well actually it isn't. Only the Bandana is. Only the Bandana MAKES the picture. 
     In my outfit post I have mostly second-hand clothes on. The denim shirt with brown leather sequins cost me only 12 Euro's at a thrift shop in Assen. The Leather pants with seams on the knees cost me only 10 Euro's at the same thrift shop. And thats a wonderful price for a whole outfit. Here in holland you'll pay 50 Euro's for a simple bra. Wich also I can't stop myself from not doing.. ;)
 "Style is not about expensive designers from head to toe,
 it's all about mixing pieces to achieve your sense of style and personality."


Lila said...

Yes, Anne, I got it from Zara. So sweet, I love it *-*

ricciard said...

realy cute :) i love the denim shirt :)