Monday, November 14, 2011

Tupac's Bandana is "in"

    Lately I noticed quite a few. One of the things I have noticed is the fact that the Bandana is coming back. Well it's always been in but now it's more 'in' than ever. I've seen it in so many clips of celebs and seen it on many many celebs lately. 
     In like all of Rihanna's latest clips you can see her with a Bandana. 'Cheers' for instance, 'we found love" and of course not to forget her biggest success 'man down' (and my favourite song). You can see all the pictures below of the bandanas in the clips. I also have more pictures of Rihanna wearing bandana's besides in her clips.
     I also saw Selena Gomez wearing a bandana in her advertisement for the EMA awards. In the ad on MTV she raps about the EMA awards. The Bandana plus earrings makes the Ghetto-look.
     Lady gaga who has done all the unthinkable is also seen wearing a bandana in her clip: "Judas". I also have more pictures of her with bandana's besides in her clips.
      Beyonce also has a bandana with Daisy Duke look in her late clip: "Why don't you love me?". In the clip she wears a red bandana and it has a "we can do it" touch to it.
      Last but not least I also posted some foto's of me wearing a bandana, just klick on 'read more' and tell me what you think of my look!..

Here are all the beautifull inspiriting pictures and the man who started it all..  

more below

Rihanna's Bandana's :

Rihanna in "Man down"

Rihanna her outfit in "we found love" :
(couldn't find pictures of actual moments in her clip like "man down", You should view her clip 'cheers' for a better look)



Rihanna in her clip "cheers":
 (you should view her clip for a better look) 

                                                      Rihanna's bandanas besides her clips:



                                                    Selena Gomez EMA awards ad:

Lady Gaga in the clip "Judas":


                                               Lady Gaga with bandana's besides her clip:


Beyonce with a bandana in her clip "why don't you love me?":

some more foto's that inspirited me for some bandana looks:

Me wearing a Bandana!

                                                        thanks, let me know what you think!
love everybody .


Lila said...

Thaks *-*
I bought it in a small store near beach in Armação de Pêra :S

Anonymous said...

Hey! I really like your blog, it's very cool. You got style guuurl. x

Renuka Malik said...

Heeeey. I left you a comment. I just made a blog. Gotta get better at it. Wanna be my first follower? x

Anonymous said...

leuke blog, echt in jouw style :D

groetjes yesenia

Anne-Britt said...

wat lief, dankje!

Anonymous said...

You look great in a bandana!