Monday, January 2, 2012

Trend: Beats by dr. Dre

The headphones by dr. Dre are quite on the map at the moment. These phones can lead up to 500 Euro's. They are available in many models and colors. The most popular model (solo; 179,00 euro's) is used by many people and were brought into the spotlight by the best DJ of this moment: David Guetta in his clip with Usher (Without you) and little bad girl. They also get a lot of advertisement in other music clips like for instance Lady Gaga with Poker Face. Lady Gaga is also already working together with Dr. Dre's brand and has already launched her in-ear model that are called heart beats. Justin Bieber has also his own Beats brand called Just beats. A purple version. Many more to come I think! Check the music clips and a summary of all the music clips the headphones are brought forward in. click "read more"

All the music clips the headphones are in.

without you

Little bad girl ( 2:57 )

(poker face)


lilly lia said...

Wow I love that picture. But for me those headphones are too expensive :( Lilly

Domenico said...

Ik dacht even je blog in de gaten houden
deze ga ik denk ik ook bestellen in het zwart ^^

FBegumStar said...

Cute blog!! :) ♥