Wednesday, November 23, 2011

accessoire post #1: That Ozzy Osbourne in me.

A while ago I bought sunglasses that are as round as a nickel. Lately I've spotted a few celebs with these kind of sunglasses. But it still seems that the non-celebs under us are playing it safe and not going extreme like wearing sunglasses 360 degrees round. Even me, while I have one. The sunglasses are actually known for a while now.. But it seems to always remind me of Ozzy Osbourne. Although his radiation scares me and the glasses don't help him the other way his glasses do get accepted. Celebs like Lady Gaga and the Olsen twins have one.  Here is what I'm talking about: (click read more and see pictures of me)

(I have a hand, don't worry it is just a moved picture)


Jasminka said...

In Macedonia we noemen deze bril "Lennonki", wegens John Lennon :)

Jasminka said...

ze staan je geweldig!