Thursday, November 24, 2011

New in: Bart's Moon boots

Yesterday I received the moon boots I was posting about. They are actually just like I wanted.. But maybe I'm just a little disappointed I didn't order the White ones.. But all in all I'm satisfied. Tonight I am going to the Nelly Tour in Groningen and also hope to receive some free heels! But if I don't I am glad to be there!

They look blue but they are definitely black! I will be posting an outfit post with them soon!

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bobiska said...

Lovly boots.Winter is very cold and definilty boots like this are nesesery.At my last post I was writing about winter and 3 things girl need for could day.You probably dont understand my language but when you see pictures you will see what I talking about. :-)
Hope you will leave any coment at my blog. :-)