Monday, November 21, 2011

In the making: 'Spiky gloves' for a school assignment

Yesterday I bought brown leather gloves for an assignment I got at school. I have to make an accessory: extraordinary. So I was thinking of gloves (preferably black) with huge 6 golden colored spikes sticking out the top. I found brown leather gloves in a thrift shop that were just the right model I needed. My idea is to spray spike shapes gold and stick them threw the gloves after I put holes in them. When I was browsing threw the shops for some spikes I only found some brushes with the ends shaped as spikes. Of course I'm going to yank the brushes off them because I only want to make use of the ends of the brushes. They were under a euro each, so couldn't really leave them there for that price. All in all I didn't really find exactly what I wanted (black leather gloves.. although maybe brown leather spiky gloves are more exclusive ) but it's a begin. I am really wondering how I'm going to let the spikes stay on the same place (That they don't fall out or something like that!) So I have to hammer on that. Click on 'read more' and you will see some pictures of my idea's for the 'spiky gloves'.

This is the effect I would like to create on my gloves. Only My spikes are bigger and non-metallic :(

This is about the length I would like to create.

pretty much a goth bracelet and thats everything except what I want. Those Spikes would come in handy though.. But I would spray them gold. 

Same kind of effect like above. But the spikes are exactly what I want.

This is the effect I would like only the spikes are way to small and not really that spiky.



The exact effect I would like to create on my gloves.

spikey outfits that have inspirited me.

Beyonce with spiky gloves that were exactly what I wanted for mine. Black leather gloves, gold metallic spikes. Only couldn't find it but maybe it gives me a chance to create something more exclusive.. maybe maybe. Bytheway on my opinion these gloves were from Zara if you wanted to know.

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bobiska said...

Like this gloves.I need two pair of gloves for this winter.