Saturday, November 19, 2011

Outfitpost #6 Moss Green sweater

     So today I went to a place I live nearby and let me shoot some pictures of me.
     This outfit was like the other outfit's at the cheap side. The Mossy-Green sweater was FREE. I got it at a store where once a year they give free stuff away. "How convenient" I thought. "I got to make advantage of that.." Soort of the same story with the leather pants.. They were as good as free. Got them at a thrift shop and cost only 10 Euro's! The Red wing Boots I have on here on the other hand were far from free or cheap. I really wanted them for a long time but couldn't afford it at that moment. And the time I had to go threw without that shoe I was on the look-out, that no one else would STEAL that shoe. I would be devastated to see some one else with the shoes I wanted first. Oke, well obviously I'm joking that I would be 'devastated' but I wouldn't be 'diggn' it. haha well check out my looks and let me know what ya think! 

♡Love everybody. x


Anonymous said...

waaauwie annebritt! you loook awesome ! ;D Vind het zo grappig dat je zo je eigen stijl hebt.. je bent zo creatief! Goedkoop/duur maakt niet uit, je maakt er gewoon iets moois van ! Superrr meidd ! dikkekusx kimberly

Jasminka said...

mooie combi!