Friday, November 18, 2011

New in: A LOT of beauty

So today I went shopping for the things I had in my wishlist that I posted on the 15th. I have to say I have succeeded. Although you can't reconize the snake shirt and the skull scarf out of my wish list. That's because I couldn't find the items on internet (so didn't have a picture). The skull scarf I bought has something of the scarf Alexander Mcqueen has in his collection. I also bought some more items but for that you gotta klick 'read more' 
 Thanks to a lot of advice of my visitors and people I know I have ordered the 'black' snow boots. (They are coming my way! hopefully) The Mango colbert I have posted in my wish list wasn't in my size in the Mango shop, so gonna check out the Mango online shop now.
I Will be posting a picture of the snow boots and outfit posts of my new purchases. Stay tuned 
Well check the rest out though.. 

                                   market                                                       Alexander Mcqueen





Anonymous said...

wow super vet dat je die boots heb besteld! ben erg benieuwd :) mooi sjaaltje btw!

xjes vera

Jasminka said...

ken je die oma regen hoofddoek-actige plastic dingen (of hoe je ze ook weer noemt)? die zijn cool voor de kunt ze introduceren als fashionable en praktishe mutsen :) wat denk je ervan? iets om na te denken? je hebt trouwens mooie initialen voor een designer..AB (ik koop nu dingen van MK, goedkoper dan in NL) :)))

Esther said...

Wow, heel leuk dit! Ik vind vooral dat blousje van de H&M heel leuk!